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Stock code K1 3070005 AB


TUNAP 3070
Plastic Repair Adhesive

Solvent-free PUR-based two-component reaction adhesive. Particularly well suited for repairing plastics in vehicle  construction. Good adhesion to steel and aluminum, PVC-hard, GRP, PVC, PUR and polystyrene high-resistance foam (Not appropriate for polypropylene, PTFE).

For repairing plastic parts, such as unvarnished and varnished bumpers, mirror casing, headlight casing, door panels, etc.
For bonding metals, such as steel and sheet iron to non-load-bearing car body parts

Keeps a solid and nevertheless flexible bond between different materials
Makes cost effective and professional repairs possible
Excellent for painting over
Drip time 2-3 min., can be sanded after about 10 min.
Times always apply to standard climate 23 ° C / 50% relative humidity. Deviations may affect the

Area of application:
The surfaces to be glued must be clean, dry, and free from dust, oil and grease. It will be necessary to grind the subsurface, in order to increase the adhesive properties. It is also recommended that the surfaces to be bonded be activated with TUNSEAL Plastic Washing Primer 3080. Break the seal and attach the mixing rod . Insert the cartridge in the Pistol K5 1500 and throw away the first 2-3cm of the adhesive paste, because a 100% mixing cannot be guaranteed here.