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TUNAP 398 Rodent Repellent/Protection

Stock code 04 398025AB


Tunap 398 Rodent Repellent/Protection Spray

Tunap 398 Rodent Repellent/Protection Spray offers effective protection against Rodents doing damage under your car hood. The animals are deterred by a highly efficacious combination of special odourants. The effect lasts for about two weeks


  • Protective conservation of rubber in and near the engine such as in axle and steering sleeving, brake and cooling system hosing and electric wiring
  • Resistant to water, including salt water
  • Pressure resistant


  • Preventing damage by Rodent in or near the engine

How to use

  • Use only when the engine is cold and switched off completely
  • Apply evenly throughout the engine compartment
  • Allow 10 minutes for the product to work