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Stock code MP 10400300 AB


Professional Car Interior Care

Cockpit protection and belt care. Fully synthetic surface cleaner with highly lubricating microfilm. The product is antistatic and protects against UV; this protection includes plastic and rubber. The highly lubricating particles create smooth surfaces and e.g. free off safety belts. Semi glossy effect without greasy, adhesive or gleaming residue.


  • Cuts friction thanks to its satin smooth anti-friction agent that is free of grease
  • Cleans and also prevents rapid dirt and dust accumulation
  • Prevents greying and discolouration of plastics with its UV protection characteristics
  • Regenerates prematurely aged plastics
  • Compatible with all standard plastics
  • Leaves no stains on textiles (adhere to spraying distance)
  • Pleasant wild cherry odour


  • Care of plastics in the cockpit
  • Seat belt care
  • Cures odd noises in the vehicle interior (squeaks, clicks and grinding sounds)
  • Frees off window guides that stick

How to use

Maintain safe distance of 30 cm when spraying on seat belts and sensitive plastics.