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TUNAP Injector Machine

Stock code 16 13310


TUNAP 13310
Injecto Clean System

Automatic cleaning device for professional cleaning of any diesel or petrol fuel injection system. Reliably removes dirt in fuel injection systems in combination with our injector cleaners MP 127 and MP 137.

- Direct cleaning of injection nozzles and injectors of all diesel and petrol engines
- No disassembly of injector nozzles or injectors necessary
- Dissolves and removes coking and hardening in injectors and injector nozzles
- Dissolves and removes deposits in high pressure pumps caused by fuel
- Ensures constant injection spray, smooth idling and reduced particle emission and fuel consumption
- User friendly - can be connected to any fuel system using the adaptor set

- Resolves problems with dirty injectors and injector nozzles
- Before making adjustments and emission measurements
- Resolves malfunctions such as rough idling, reduced engine performance and excessive soot formation

How to use
Please observe
SI 13310B and SI 13310D service information before use.