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Stock code MP 90400300B


Human Technology 904 Interior Plus

A new type of silicon free concentrate for surfaces and seat belt maintenance. Delays build up of dirt and dust. Has a highly active lubrication effect in area of window guides, door rubbers as well as safety belts. Prevents squeaking and creaking noise in plastic areas.

TUNAP Human Technology®

  • All ingredients registered by NSF*
  • Free of allergenic dyes and fragrances
  • Free of solvents
  • Free of n-hexane that can damage nerves
  • Free of toxicologically relevant indicators
  • *NSF International, The Public Health and Safety CompanyTM


  • Prevents squeaking and creaking noises in plastics
  • Compatible with all common plastics
  • Powerful friction reduction thanks to grease-free anti-slip protection
  • Highly lubricating in the area of window guides, door seals and seat belts

Application area

  • Sluggish safety belts
  • Stiff seat belts
  • Eliminates noises, particularly in the vehicle interior
  • Stiff window guides
  • Care and cleaning of rubber and plastic parts
  • Drastically reduces harm to health thanks to the use of Human Technology®