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Stock code MP 90300300B


Human Technology 903 Lightning Plus Penetrating Fluid

Innovative, synthetic rust-loosening fluid with excellent creep properties. Loosens oxidised screw and plug connections in seconds. Excellent reliability during dismantling thanks to special lubricant.

Human Technology®

  • All ingredients registered by NSF*
  • Free from all fragrances and colourings which can trigger allergic reactions
  • Does not contain solvents
  • Does not contain any nerve damaging n-hexane
  • No toxicologically relevant indications
  • *NSF International, The Public Health and Safety CompanyTM


  • Very good creeping and penetration effects through use of new types of active solvents
  • Does not contain any n-hexane containing solvent
  • Releases oxidised screw and plug connections in seconds
  • Effectively repels moisture and wetness
  • Excellent security for disassembly operations through use of a special lubricant
  • Can be used on light and non-ferrous metals
  • Can be used at higher temperatures

Application area

  • For dismantling screw and plug connections stuck tight due to rusting (e.g. in an exhaust gas area)
  • Suitable for releasing steering rods, joints and locking cylinders
  • Drastically reduces the effect on human health through use of Human Technology®. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in vehicle interiors.