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Stock code MP 12100300 AB


Professional 121 Adhesive Lubricant

Multifunctional liquid high performance lubricant with good adhesive properties. The pressure resistant lubricant film protects against wear and corrosion. It does not become detached when turning or rotating.


  • Excellent adhesion ensures resistance to external influences
  • Has penetrating properties so it gets to those places that are hard to access
  • Reliable lubrication thanks to wear resistant additives
  • Resistant to pressure and temperature
  • Resistant to splashing and salt water
  • Very good damping properties
  • Contains no resin, silicone or acid


  • For use in repairing springs, stabilisers, guide levers, axle joints, gear levers, clutch rods and brake rods
  • Protects brake and fuel lines against corrosion
  • Lubricates movable metal parts such as joints, hinges, sliding components, door lock strikers, lock cylinders, locks, sliding rails etc.
  • Lubrication of door hinges and arrestor straps

How to use

Spray evenly on the parts to be treated.