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Stock code MP 10200300AB


Professional 102  Active oil

Universal multifunction spray for five fields of use: Lubrication, rust solvent, cleaner, corrosion protection and contact spray.


  • Very good lubricating properties
  • Cuts friction and wear
  • Protects against damp and corrosion
  • Very good creep characteristics for rapid loosening effect
  • Makes for better electrical conductivity and remedies stray currents
  • Good cleaning properties, infiltrates dirt, grease and oil residue
  • Non resinous, contains no acid or silicone
  • Neutral odour


  • Long-term lubrication of precision parts
  • Lubricates door locks, lock cylinders, locks, hinges, bushings and chains
  • Stops squeaks and grinding noises and makes jammed parts mobile again
  • Cleans and cares for plastic and metal parts
  • Frees off rusted bolts, screws, nuts and joints
  • Prevents metal and electrical component corrosion
  • Infiltrates and displaces damp in electrical and electronic components

How to use

Spray on the parts to be cleaned or maintained.