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Stock code 07 372020 AB


TUNAP 372 Electronics Grease 

Non-conductive High Tech Synthetic Grease.


  •  Protects from chemical and electrochemical corrosion.
  •  Prevents friction wear on contacts
  •  Seals contacts against harmful external influences such as moisture, dust and aggressive ambient air
  •  Guarantees reliable low-loss current discharge
  •  Neutral in contact with insulation lacquers and materials commonly used in electronics
  •  Fine coating of contact surfaces with precious metals such as gold, silver, and rhodium etc. are protected from abrasion


  •  Plug connections in engine compartment, diagnostic plug-in connector points
  •  Earth connections , trailer plug connector, battery poles, contacts behind fairings,
  •  Connections in lower area of vehicle such as ABS, ASR, EDS etc

When protection treating components it must be ensured that they are not live. Spray contact areas, excess being harmless. Protective treatment is fully guaranteed even if TUNAP Contact Cleaner 375 has not completely evaporated.

Special Notes
Allow propellant gas to disperse for several minutes and avoid sparking.