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microflex 926 CARBON CLEANER

Stock code MF92622250W


microflex®  926 Carbon Cleaner

The unique XGel technology dissolves carbon contamination extremely quickly. The outstanding surface adhesion and coating properties ensure a very short penetration time and excellent dirt removal. Ideal for cleaning components contaminated with carbon deposits in the intake and exhaust gas system.

XGel Technology

  • Optimum surface coating 
  • Ideal penetration time
  • Outstanding run-off properties 
  • With visualiser for checking surface coating 


  • Excellent cleaning effect for residues containing carbon 
  • No solvents 
  • Non-combustible 

Application area 

Ideal for cleaning smaller components in the intake and exhaust gas system such as EGR valves 


Remove large deposits beforehand using a suitable tool. Completely coat the surfaces to be cleaned with the cleaning gel. Allow the gel to work for around 10 minutes. Then manually remove the loosened dirt with the integrated brush or another suitable tool. Finally, rinse the cleaned area or component with plenty of water and dry with compressed air. Repeat the process if necessary.