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Micrologic Premium 144

Stock code MP 14400250AB


Micrologic Premium 144

Cutting edge, environmentally friendly, synthetic additive for cooling systems. Preserves the func- tionality of the cooling system. Converts rust and scale into water-soluble materials. Augments expended additives in the cooling water. With integrated leak indicator.


  • Augments expended cooling-water additives
  • Continually cleans the entire system during driving
  • Converts rust and scale into water-soluble materials
  • Protects the system from additional rust and scale deposits
  • Neutralizes acidic cooling liquid
  • Disperses sludge and contaminants
  • Stops formation of foam that inhibits cooling
  • Permits rapid and accurate location of leaks under UV light


  • Preserves functionality of cooling system
  • Keeps thermal budget within the ideal temperature range
  • Avoids overheating damage to motor system


  • Above 10,000 km or every 20,000 km.
  • Not more frequently than once yearly.
  • When renewing or refilling cooling liquid.
  • When replacing the radiator, thermostat, cylinder head gasket(s), water pump, or related assemblies.

How to use

As long-term protection of cooling liquid. Watch level of cooling liquid. Compatible with all antifreezes. Also recommended for closed cooling systems. Enough for 10 L of cooling liquid.