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Stock code MP 19800100W3


Professional 198 Air Sanitiser

Interior FRESH with anti-bacterial cleaning. Fast and efficient odour removal in vehicles interiors


  •  Removes unpleasant odours in the passenger compartment
  •  Leaves a pleasant lemon fragrance 
  •  Hard to reach places can be reached by very fine aerosol
  •  No sticky residues in the vehicle interior

Range of use:

  •  To remove odour in the vehicle interior
  •  In the preparation of used cars


  •  Ideally placed next to the air-conditioning intake area
  •  Switch the air conditioning or fan onto recirculation
  •  Press spray top until it clicks into place
  •  Can empties completely, which takes about 2.5 minutes, total application time of ca.  10 minutes.
  •  After application ventilate well

Special precautions:

  •  Use a maximum of 1 can per car interior!

Do not breathe the contents of the can as it contains a biocide to eliminate bacteria. Ventilate the vehicle well before giving back to the end user.