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AdBlue 10ltr

Stock code AdBlue


AdBlue 10ltr

AdBlue 10ltr comes with a bendable nozzle to make commercial vehicle filling easy and prevent contamination.


  • Appearance: Colourless and clear liquid
  • Chemical Composition: NH2)2CO +H20
  • ISO: ISO22241 : NOx reduction agent AUS 32
  • Freezes at: -11°C
  • Evaporates at: 40°C
  • Corrosive: Yes
  • Crystallization: Yes
  • Expiration date: Best before 18 months after production in a sealed correctly stored package. (after 18 months, quality testing is advised)


Add the AdBlue to your AdBlue tank. The filling point is often fitted near your diesel cap. Pour into tank using nozzle provided.