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Contra Sept ®: Health compatible Air Conditioning Disinfection

Contra Sept ®: Health compatible Air Conditioning Disinfection
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16 May 2014

The car is a natural part of everyday life for many people. They spend several hours a day in the car and usually enjoy the air conditioning. This results in a seemingly pleasant indoor climate. But most drivers are not aware of putting their health at risk.

Especially car long term rides are pleasant with cool temperatures: Driving is significantly more convenient and safer because the driver is more relaxed, more receptive and thus more responsive. On the other hand the air conditioning system can offer optimal growth conditions for micro-organisms, bacteria and molds. Reason: A liquid film is formed on the fins during operation. Particularly vulnerable groups such as children, allergy sufferers and people with weakened immune systems are compromised by such a contaminated air-conditioning.

Mold - even in cars a danger

The Deep End: At the beginning passengers do not realise the growth of micro-organisms. In the course of time these precipitates perceive the travellers as unpleasant odor. Until then they had been exposed for weeks or months fungal spores from the air conditioner. Relating to the housing almost everyone knows the topic and knows that the invisible spores in the air are dangerous to health. In the car this awareness is still low, although there is a significant difference: the mold in a residential area is not blown at high speed in the face. Not so in the vehicle where the fan often runs at the highest level.

False sense of security

The vehicle occupants are threatened by a major impairment to health if the dirt is not removed regularly.  The only cleaning system that is recommended for this purpose by the German Allergy and Asthma Association, because it is effective and friendly to health, is Contra Sept by TUNAP. Using this system the air conditioning evaporator is disinfected with high pressure, but without allergenic fragrances. These are often used in conventional “cleaners” and cover up the bad smell only. The cause is not removed. In such methods, the driver is mentioned in false security. It is easy to remedy: Cleaning with Contra Sept of TUNAP produces fresh and healthy air.

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