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Cleaning instead of exchange: New TUNAP 13400 Valve Clean System saves about 70% repair time

Cleaning instead of exchange: New TUNAP 13400 Valve Clean System saves about 70% repair time
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16 May 2014

Wolfratshausen, November 2013 . Deposits in or near the valves can quickly cost the owner - or manufacturer if the guarantee is still valid - up to thousands of pounds. This can be avoided, especially in older vehicles (vehicle segments 2 and 3).

TUNAP can now supply an economical valve cleaning system. The TUNAP 13400 Valve Clean System saves about 70% in terms of repair time and is thus up to two thousand pounds cheaper than older methods such as removal and cleaning.

Loss of performance, increased fuel consumption, ignition malfunction and rough idling are symptoms of valve and inlet ducting deposits and contamination. The cause is a combination of exhaust gas recirculation and crankcase ventilation and a lack of physical flushing effect of the fuel in direct injection systems. Unfavourable driving habits such as frequent short trips and stop and go traffic together with increasing bio ingredients in fuel worsen matters.

The new TUNAP System offers very quick and simple application without major removal work. The microflex 933 Valve Cleaning Granulate removes all deposits and contamination of valves using compressed air and causes no damage. Used granulate is simultaneously vacuumed off together with the dirt removed. Any residue left can be dissolved with microflex 936 Neutralisation Solution. The granulate does not harm material and is environmently friendly and not subject to any labelling obligation, i.e. it poses no danger to users and contains no allergens.

To date over 500 cleaning procedures have been carried out with it and it has passed all the tests applied with the cooperation of automobile manufacturers. The likelihood that it will soon be technically released is therefore very high.